Is this guy being sincere or is he just rejecting me in a nice way?

He sounded sincere until the last text, not that it matters, it's still over between us, but how do you know if a guy is just giving you a bullshit reason? Is this bullshit? Is this guy being sincere or is he just rejecting me in a nice way?Is this guy being sincere or is he just rejecting me in a nice way?


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  • No that seems sincere. He's all or nothing and some people are like that

  • honestly you go girl! that's so bold to ask and i respect that. save yourself the heartache

    • Thank you! I honestly do that with all guys because I hate dishonestly haha!

  • It sounds like he is both being sincere and rejecting you at the same time. He said he liked you, but trying for more didn't seem practical be it his situation or yours.

    I'm sure it took a lot of courage to come out and ask, but at least he respects you enough to be honest. Just imagine how much wasted time and heart ache you would have experience if you hadn't allowed yourself to be vulnerable and ask.

    He may not be "the one" for you right now, but know you showed a lot of maturity in clearly asking instead of playing the games that come naturally (like not contacting him until he reaches out first and then feeling hurt/angry that it took so long or that he didn't notice).

    • Thank you, I'm only 19 but I'm sick and tired of those games lol (: it's nice to know someone genuinely liked me instead of "fake liking" me lol

    • It can take time and effort for a person to become aware of those instinctive games, but relationships are so much easier without them.
      It sounds like you are well on your way though. The hard part is finding a guy who is in the same place, but it is totally possible.
      Just remember that you deserve love, happiness and a healthy relationship. Don't settle for anything less.

    • Omg thank you so much I know I don't know you but you're making me feel wayyy better (:

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