Broke up with boyfriend. Was I right?

So I just broke up with my boyfriend. Well actually during an hour of conversation he said he wanted to break up because of his gut telling him to do so as well as he is most likely transferring and wasn't able to put in the effort for a long distance relationship. But then later he called and said he changed his mind and that he would change and somehow we could maybe make it work (he was still skeptical). But I cannnot trust him again. So I said no. I cried and he cried because we both really liked/loved eachother. Did I do the right thing?


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  • i think the fact that he is so uncertain about things is a good reason to really consider whether or not a relationship will work. it sounds like tehre is a lot of uncertainty on his end so i'd probably most likely want to essentially say lets take some time to things over so you both can hopefully come to some clarity about what is possible

    but i don't think you wrong to end things. since he seems so unsure i think it makes sense to not want to sort of be in a relationship where he could change his mind from day to day

    • Also the fact that I asked him if he didn't transfer and he said he still wanted to break up. It hurt.

What Girls Said 2

  • Trust can always be earned back to a point. It is just a hell of a lot harder the second time. If you both are not sure, I would do a trial separation. Still be friends. After awhile see where it goes. He will either miss you or move on. If he moves on then he wasn't that serious. However, during separation keep your nose clean. Don't rush into things.

  • That's a rough one, dang. The fact that he isn't sure about his relationship with you to the point he broke up with you is a huge red flag. He can do it again. Even when he called back he wasn't sure, I think you made the right call.


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