Why did he block me on instagram after following me and accepting my request?

Me and my ex broke up about 6 months ago, however we both still have feelings for each other, because every time he see's me he will follow me or stare at me and get closer to me, so its like he's not avoiding me. When we broke up we had a nasty argument but since it's been awhile I wanted to try to reconcile, he followed me for one day, the next day he blocked me!! Why?


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  • How long were the two of you togeter before the breakup? Was the breakup mutual or did one person want it over the other? My guess is he is either playing games trying to get you to chase him or he's afraid of getting too close and hurt again. I don't know enough about the situation and I don't think anyone here really will. Have you tried talking to him about meeting up and taking it from there? Above anything else I hope you the best, I too am recently dealing with a breakup and I know how hard it is, stay strong and remeber your not alone!

    • We were together for one year. It was more my decision, but we were still messing around and I noticed him trying to make me jealous so we argued about that. But I think you are right about playing games and trying to get me to chase him because thats what he did last time and it worked lol. I haven't spoken to him ever since. Thank you :) Wish you all the best as well!

    • The fact that he's played games before could very well mean he's doing it again. If you truly want to be with him, I would suggest talking to him. I truly believe the no contact is great if you dont want a relationship and wish to take the time to heal or make it know you can still be reached if needed. If the whole time your wondering if or when he will contact you its being done for the wrong reason.

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  • Maybe he followed you expecting a response from you. Maybe when he followed you he expected that you'd get in touch. Or maybe he saw something on your instagram that upset him.

    When he blocked you it would suggest that he didn't get what he was looking for and so either he blocked you to seek attention or he blocked you to stop himself looking at your page and upsetting himself.

    • He didn't even give me chance to though, plus I didn't want to overwhelm him either I wanted to at least wait one or two days. and I don't have any guys on my ig, and he doesn't have anything on his either. I think you are very right though.

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  • He still has feelings for you and doesn't want to be reminded of you.

    • Okay. Just ignore me then.

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    • Lmfao your help was appreciated thank you hon didn't see this til now! 😊

    • Thanks hun sorry I just want to help you. :)

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