Can I get my ex back?

My ex and i split up a month ago. I haven't heard from him much since then. We had a great relationship up until the day of breakup. We had a big fight over moving forward by moving in at some point. I think i pushed too hard and i got a bit emotional about it. We both calmed down and we seemed better, he even said our fight/talk will make us stronger as a couple. He told me loved me so much. After i left he dumped me over text just hrs later, no explanation and since then he's been cold and mean. I haven't heard from him in a few weeks. We had an amazingly great relationship and i know he probably dwelled on our fight and he has commitment issues. I know he loves me. How can i get him to talk to me or maybe even get him back? I kniw every one will say get over it and move on he's an ex for a reason. But im sure this isn't the end of us... we never fought, 2 years together.
Can I get my ex back?
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