Why is my ex randomly texting me after months?

So I was dating this guy for about 3-4 months he ended things with me because he said I was acting just like his ex with my attitude and anger and he didn't want to go through all of that again. A lot happens in that short time we dated I ended being attacked by his ex (babymomma) and her friends at one point, we still hooked up a couple times after the first initial breakup. But then we stopped talking for a couple months no contact. I recently found out he took a family trip with his two kids to visit his mom for Thanksgiving (even though he says they're not together and me and him aren't together it still is like wow really after all the shit you said about her. His babymomma ended up talking trash over Facebook to try and rub it in and I basically was like me and him aren't even together so I don't care what y'all do. But I do have a temper problem, so trying to dwindle down the situation I texted my ex and told him to check her because if I get angry enough it won't be pretty and he basically said I respect you and I respect you for standing up for yourself and if she doesn't understand then do what you have to do. I didn't text him back now a week later he texted me at 9 this morning just saying hey and we've been having a normal conversation the whole day we talked about football mostly and even made jokes about somethings that use to happen when we were together. It's weird though I'm still wondering what's his motive we haven't talked about anything that's happened in the past he kind of is just acting like nothing happened. What's his motive?


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  • It's a bad idea to start casually talking again with an ex you haven't been in contact with. They only contact you because they're feeling insecure or bored, and you're someone familiar. If they get a good response i. e. you keep talking to them, it makes them feel validated and boosts their ego. If they don't contact you specifically to say they want to try again with the relationship, they are only doing it for the above reasons. Just leave the failed relationship in the past and don't make things messy or confusing by interacting again, move forwards, not backwards.

  • More than likely, he wants sex.

    • But he didn't ask for sex. He's just been normally texting me all day & it's weird cause we didn't end being friends lol

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