So I used to be best friends with this girl for about five years but last year I slept with her and told her I loved her and the feeling was mutual?

however, immediately after that happened she got a boyfriend. Now we're officially "broken up" and we haven't talked since new year's. She dropped the old boyfriend and recently got a new one and while she's all Mrs Popular I've been depressed and lonely. I saw her for the first time today after that and she was all super pda with her boyfriend and I realized I'm not over her what is wrong with me


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  • She never loved you she only wanted to get an experience "what's it do to it with a girl?" That's it.

    • but we were friends for five years then she probably wouldn't have just used me like why didn't she tell me at least

    • if she doesn't talked you then if doesn't care about you. That's all she doesn't used you just take the opportunity when it show up.

  • Time for new hoohaah.


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