It's been almost 2 months since the breakup and ex hasn't changed her profile picture of us together?

She dumped me and still has her old fb profile pic of us together. She does use fb every so often so it's not that, she's deliberately not changing it. Anyway, we haven't spoken for about 6 weeks and I was thinking of sending her a text asking if she's ok since her fb profile pic is still the same. Good or bad idea? Honestly, I really miss her and want to hear from her. Even though I've been doing my best to move on and even been seeing a new girl for the past month, I'm still in love with my ex and miss her dearly even though I know I shouldn't and I'm better off without her.


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  • She could miss you. I know I like to hold on to things like pictures and shit when I break up with people. Texts as well. It could also be that picture offers her a sense of normality or of a time that was better. Sometimes it's just really hard to move on.

    • I don't get it though, she broke up with me. I was crazy in love with her and wanted to marry her, she knew that (we were together for a year). I even tried winning her back for a week after the breakup (bad idea in hindsight). I did everything I could to keep her and show her how much she meant to me, she's the one that was persistent about the breakup. I would also like to add that we broke up because she started drifting away and started liking the attention she was getting from other guys. I'm like 90% sure she cheated and felt guilty about it and hence why we broke up. However, she has denied any cheating and said the real reason (s) for the break up were: she was never ready for a relationship, she never felt a spark, she has commitment issues, she loved me but wasn't in love with me... basically she was all over the place and it all just sounds like she was scared and worried that she was setttling and thought she could do better, basically grass is greener syndrome.

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    • I'm just very happy that you were able to see through your feelings and resolve them. Now live your life with no worries about this old girlfriend. c:

    • Yea it really feels like I've gotten my closer now and I am a bit sad at the moment, but I see that as a good thing because it means I'm healing from the last breakup milestone. I know after this I'll be over her.

  • She probably didn't change her profile pic on purpose so that you could message her again. I don't know but why wouldn't she want to change her profile pic? She might be using it as a reason for you to text her. If I were you, I'd message her and if it didn't work out then I guess you should definitely move on. Good luck!

    • Believe me I tried winning her back after the breakup for about a week. I told her exactly how I felt about her, apologised for anything I did wrong, I went above and beyond to win her back, she even threatened to block me at one point after sending a really long message trying to win her back, so yea I tried and took it to the absolute limit. She's the one that broke it off and she knows how in love with her I was so I keep thinking to myself if she really did want me back she'd contact me. I'm 90% sure she broke up with me because she cheated and felt guilty about it. The thing is though that she's moving to a different country in March anyway so it's not like we can really get back together. I was so in love with her and wanted her to be the one so badly.

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    • She's definitely the one replying, we had a very serious relationship, things like that would never happen. Yea the girl that I'm currently dating found those pics before our second date (accidentally didn't delete one pic of us in facebook) and almost cancelled because she did some research and thought that I might be in a relationship and cheating. I also know that the girl I'm dating is jealous that my ex has me in her fb profile pic which really isn't fair to the both of us but yet again that is my ex, doing exactly whatever she wants without regarding anyone else's feelings. It's such a shit feeling to have, to be pissed off at someone for being a shit girlfriend and most likely cheating while also still being in love with them and hoping that you two get back together fully knowing that it's a terrible idea that would never happen and knowing that you're better off without that person since you deserve someone who actually appreciates you and all you do.

    • that's exactly right... and tell her to remove the profile pic because that could cause conflict and serious problems

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