Am I wrong am I wrong?

I broke up with my boyfriend 3 weeks before. There were plenty of red flags in the rs. But before we officially broke up, I talked to one of his girl friends. The reason why I talked to her was I have a gut feeling that something is weird with my boyfriend. He oftenly hangs out with a clique (let's name it clique A) that includes her, but he won't tell me that he's hanging out with them. I only know that he hangs out with them when I came across her account in instagram. I have another gut feeling that they dk my existence. He has another clique that knows my existence though. So I went to talked to her. She was surprised because she didn't know about me (my gut feeling is true), and she told me that her friend wanted everyone in clique A to bring their partners to her bday party. But he somewhat insisted that he doesn't have one. I was utterly shocked and hurt when she told me. She sympathized with me and comforted me, and she as well as me have no idea why he needs to hide me from them. Me and her haven't contacted for about a week already.

Fast forward till 3days before, he suddenly messaged me and asked whether I talked to her. I told him the truth. And he said he was disappointed. And after that he blocked me. I went to look at our blog, he viewed it twice around the time he msged me. However I still trusted her that she did not tell him. I don't feel regretful when I did this because I feel that there's nth wrong as I feel that I need to know the truth. Although it's not a good idea. So I wonder what's on his mind after all? I hope guys would comment on this so that I can take it as a learning lesson.
Am I wrong am I wrong?
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