Should I try talking to my ex girlfriend or wait and see what happens?

So i have seen my ex many times before but always in a car and she just always looks at me. But yday i seen her for the first time in person but we didn't talk but she was talking to someome about me and pointing at me. I happem to notice as i was walking by my ex girlfriend with my new girlfriend.. she was giving me this look she use too give me in a high school when she wanted to talk. She works at Kmart now so am gonna be seeing a lot of her sadly and i didn't try talking to her becuase i wanted to respected her wishes and becuase the break up was bad. i feel like if she wanted to talk too me she will or would have but what could she say too me after every thing she did too me? So i think maybe that's why she didn't say anything to me i didn't look at her only seen her from the conner of my eye. My current girlfriend thinks i should talk to her n wants to get too known my ex.


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  • wait a little

    • Ok cool i wasn't sure what to do amd I don't know if she will keep looking at me or try talking to me.

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