Should I Take Her Back?

So about 4 months ago, my girlfriend and I broke up. She left me for another guy. She dated him for about a month and then it ended. We dated for about a year and a half. I have started dating this new girl. This Wednesday will be our one month. Recently my ex girlfriend came back saying she is extremely sorry for everything and really misses me. Now I still really really love this girl a lot, but I care about my new girlfriend too. I would like to start over with her and give it another shot. I believe in second chances, but I don't want to hurt my current girlfriend either. So should I go back to my ex or stay with my current. Does anyone have any advice/ideas?

Also I forgot to mention she said she made the biggest mistake of her life and would take it back if she could.


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  • Talk to your current girlfriend about the matter and see where she stands. Ask yourself who are you going to be better off with? Life ain't gonna be perfect, your gonna hurt someone either way you go, so ask yourself who are you going to have a better life with.

  • I wouldn't take her back, give the new girl a chance, you might like her better.


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