Girls, Girl at gym keeps looking?

Me and some girl kept looking at each other, I noticed she needed help lifting some weight then helped her and got on with my workouts , then she came to my section and we co tinted to keep on looking at each other. I tried to stop but she was so hot. So I continued to work out and she kept on noticing me stealing glances. Then before she left she bent over right I front of me working out like on purpose then on the way out she walked past and looked at me again Ina kind of seductive way should I approach what's the deal?


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  • I think she saw you working out and found you attractive. She could have recognized you from somewhere, but chances are she would have brought that up.
    It sounds like she was interested in what she saw, and her lifting the extra weight, was her way of trying to gain your attention or notice her. She probably didn't expect it to turn out that way, and might have been a bit humiliated when you had to help her out.
    As for her actions, she probably caught you staring at her and figured she'd enhance her actions to get your attention more. If you see her there again, ask if she'd like a work out partner or start up a convo with her and get to know her a bit. I'm sure she'd appreciate you taking that step.
    It does sound like she was purposly asking for your attention, so definiely make note of her when you see her there again.

    • Dont understand the bending over but I guess I'll strike a conversation next time :)

  • Maybe you were hogging all the best equipment or you had toilet paper stuck to your shoe? Spinach between your teeth? Booger hanging from your nose?
    None of those? Then she was definitely checking you out. Next time you see her say Hi and offer to spot her immediately. Don't be pervy just friendly as you do not need to lay it on strong-she seems at the very least like she's interested in talking to you. If anything you might get a gym buddy out of it!

    • Wasn't working same muscles as her so wasn't using any of the same equipment. But just instantly my eyes was like wow when she walked in and I was like hell no am I turning away and looked her in the eyes. Then she needed help and I help her with her weights. Then I was just glancing for about an hour. Then I noticed her watching me and watching me associate with others then look away from her quickly. And carry on with my work out. I kept practicing my reps without weight to build mind muscle connection and then she started posing lol. But anyway she kept catching me out looking at her. Then before she left she bent over right in front of me distracting me. Walked off and gave a final glance lol

  • she might find u attractive


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