Guys help!!! What kind of guy goes window shopping for rings, furniture, and bedding with you to find out what you like and thenthey endup breakingup?

With you*
Guys comment please!!!
Guy's you're opinions please!!!


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  • Lol savage guys.

    But what reason did he give you when you broke up?

    • He just wasn't ready to get married and stuff I think

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  • You don't have to make sense of every asshole like thing a guy does. You're better off letting this one go, for peace of mind sake.


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  • I just like to go window shopping and usually girls like to look at that stuff so I would definitely see myself doing that. it's not an agile thing. he went window shopping with you and at some point after decided to break up with you

  • Not a real man would do that stuff, i could never do that to a girl that's sad :/

    • Huh a real man does that when there about to get married I would think

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    • Well, you went window shopping for rings, furniture, bedding and than it's over?

    • Well it did last for 2years after that

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