Is she over obsessive or am I really an a**?

I've been with my girlfriend for almost 2 years. I decided to move away from home (4 hours away) to get a better job, and I said we can either do this long distance, you can move in with me, or not all. She decided to come with me. We both work different schedules, when I have days off, she has to work, when I work she has days off. Every time I get home she always wants to go to the store, but will start throwing a fit if I don't want to because I'm tired. She also says we never spend time together, even though we NEVER leave each others side. Just recently (Friday) we went to my friends bands show, the next day we went to the outlet mall, grabbed a bite to eat, bought some clothes, and even looked at engagement rings. I get home today and she wants to go to the store so I say okay and just want to get it over with. She takes her time picking out her makeup, hair, skin products, and her stuff for lunches,( and I don't rush her or give her hell about it) but once I wanna stop and look at something for a minute she angrily tells me to hurry up because she's tired (even though she sat around all day and did absolutely nothing) We get home tonight and she is screaming/crying because I wasn't ready to go to bed just cause I wanted to download a beta game on xbox live that I have been telling her about for the past 2 weeks. Is it me or does she just not like letting me do things I enjoy?


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  • I think both of you are to blame. She's acting too needy, which sometimes, you do need to give in, which you seem to be doing. But it's a two way street, meaning she should really start to give in to you sometimes and give you some time to do the things you enjoy. Talk to her about it, basically what you just shared. See what she thinks and see how it goes. If she thinks that you're wrong, obviously she has some things to work through before she's ready to be in a successful relationship.


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