Have you ever left a perfect relationship to try agin with someone else you thought was yout soulmate? if so how did it go?

So i have a perfect relationship with little to no problems at all but their is 1 problem... am not in love with her but i do love her. I have been looking to fall in love agin for along time but their has only been 1 person so far that i was in love with my ex girlfriend. Truest me i do understand my ex girlfriend is not the only person i can fall in love with. So yday me and My current girlfriend run into my ex at her new job kmart. I was nervous as hell and i felt like i was back in high school i still had feling for her. But see back in high school i wanted nothing to do with her but one day i wake up and just fall for we didn't date till 4 years late. Ok ok this story is getting too long so i won't go much into detail but My current girlfriend know's all this i tell her everything and we are waiting 12 months too see if i still feel the same. I don't know if i need to be in love but else feel maybe i need too date around to find this out or even date my ex girlfriend agin. But honestly i rarely ever think of my ex girlfriend and wouldn't just take her back giving what happen. Anyway people please give me your input and please don't just say you broke up for a reason that's just dumb. I do known some people who give it a 2nd chance who are now married... which i almost marred my ex once before. My current girlfriend says she just wants me too be happy but i also feel bad becuase i may never love her how she loves me but i do love her.


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  • I think your answer is clear. You no longer love your current girlfriend. I also think you really wanted to grab another vine but aren't willing to let go of the one you are currently swinging from unless you know the next is a sure thing. No one can tell you if you'll have success in any relationship though.

    • No i love my girlfriend am just not in love with her their is a diffance. And what's clear? amd what vine? i mean maybe i am afarid to let go but only becuase am happy amd she perfect. I want the feeling of being in love agin which is not easy to find. when you love someome you strongly care for them amd love them. But wjen your in love ypu love more then yourself n what you feel ks 100% surer

    • Yes there's a difference. You love your parents but don't get butterflies when you see them. Obviously the initial infatuation dies down but If you were "in" love with her the thought of being with anyone else would make you sick to your stomach. I think if you're even thinking about finding love outside of the relationship everything can't be perfect.

    • I wanna be on love agin and i think i may agin if i get too known my girlfriend better but our relationship is still new. And yes i said everything is perfect besides the fact am not in love with her but i do love her. I love her but not in the way i love my parents since i don't wanna fuck my parents lol

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