Am I mentally ill?

I don't know if it's my low self esteem or something else but... I was really into this guy bc he's confident outgoing blah blah. I stopped talking to him because he said I was drama, he didn't want to be my friend that badly (I was mad he was stringing me along). He would message me periodically and then he invited me to his comedy performed a few months later. I questioned him why he had me on the backburner and said it was childish. He flipped out and said how much I annoyed and stressed him out blah blah I look into things I wasn't that important to him, how much I got under his skin I wasn't on the backburner... And it was a vitriolic three paragraph response. He was clearly triggered. The sick part is that it was kind of a turn on to see him get really mad and for him to say I get under his skin. Is anyone like me? What's wrong with me.
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So I've figured out my problem. I attract narcissists. I just need to be more on guard.
Am I mentally ill?
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