My girlfriend broke up with me because she fell out of love with me is there a chance I can get her back?

ok I had this girlfriend for 11months and just 5 days ago she broke up with me and she said she fell out of love with me. Throughout the whole relationship I did whatever I could to make her happy and I became the person who I thought she wanted me to be when it actually wasn't me and she fell out of love with me. Is there a chance that I can win her back and show how the man I really am if so can you please tell me how. Should I give her time? I don't know what to do anymore please help me


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  • No what Ifs I will save you the touble.
    No. She already decided.

    • She's said she's just confused with everything because she doesn't have a job and hasn't looked for one and she doesn't know how she feels. She also said that there is a chance for us so what should I give up or no

    • And it's the end of school so she's stressed

  • you're young. move on, you'll find plenty of other people in life. Plus, high school love really rarely lasts forever. If that is your correct age.

  • No. No chance. MOVE ON!


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