Girls, Girl I been yoga pants bending over whilst I'm trying to work out?

Woman in gym we kept glancing g at each other and I decided to help her out by lifting her weight bar for her because it was to heavy. So we continued to glance and then I would stand and drink on my rest watching others and she would just stare at me. Then I started to pose abit in the mirror to build mind muscle connection and then she started aswell. So she noticed me checking her out , and then before she left she bent over in these tight yoga pants right in front of me which seemed a little in nessesary. Then walked out giving a final look into my eyes. So what's the deal?


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  • She's at the gym. Working out. As one does... at the GYM.

    • I know that lol just seem a little forced as we kept looking each other up and down

    • I'm p dubious here OP

  • Maybe flirting, maybe just seeing if you're looking, because she feels 'looked at'

    • Hmm did seem a little forced. Just how it felt at the time and then looking me in the eye as she walked past and left. She wasn't working out when she done that either

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