Sleeping with ex, but wind up getting back into relationship with them?

Has anyone ever broken up with their s/o and after the breakup continued to have sex with them and it lead back into a relationship with them? Like you have sex together and something keeps bringing you together and you just realize you both are only seeing each other and its worth taking another shot. If so how long did it take to get back together and how did it happen?


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What Guys Said 2

  • I'm not that stupid. It won't last. He's getting free pussy with no commitment

  • i guess u just enjoy having sex with him thats all and it never happend to me tbh

    • No, Truthfully I want the relationship back. I do enjoy the sex with him too but I want "us " again. We have great chemistry

    • i hope you get back

    • Thanks and I hope so too. It may be a long shot but I have hope

What Girls Said 1

  • Yea we like dated from Jan-July, broke up August, hooked up in October (and got back together than broke up the next day). Then got back together as a couple in February, only to breakup again in March lol


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