Is my friend right or just being too over protected?

Here what she said
Shawn from what you telling me and from my experience it looks like your ex girlfriend is testing the waters with you. She is making her presence known in a very subtle way which you can't really miss. But you were high school sweat hearts even for a girl your high school sweat heart stays forever in your heart. I understand the depth of feelings you still have. I can't tell you what to do but you have moved on you have a happy girlfriend now. This is only going to uproot your life and bring chaos in your life and no one likes chaos. I'm really only looking out for out. If anything I understand how you feel and how much you hurt. But you're heart has started to mend don't break it again.
Here what i told her
2 nights ago me and my girlfriend walked into my ex girlfriend at her new job. As soon as we walked in my ex started pointing at me and talking about me too her friend. She look like she had aseen a ghost from the past. My current girlfriend wanted to try messing up my ex girlfriend day becuade of what she did too me. I said no leave her alone just becuase she my ex girlfriend doesn't mean we gotta be mean to her. As we were walking out my ex girlfriend give me that same look she use too give me back in high school when ever she wanted to talk with me. So what do u think? Me amd my ex girlfriend were close friends before dating i have no plan's on talking to her unless she talks too me first.
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  • she is right, the past is the past. if you are happy with your girlfriend now then let it be.

    • Am talking about is she right about my ex trying to get back in my life? Don't see how looking at me means she slowly trying to come back into my life. I do plan on letting it be but if my ex girlfriend trys talking too me i will talk too her. I am 10p%happy with my girlfriend the only problem we have is i haven't fallen in love with her yet. Which i am not sure yet if i gotta be in life or not but i love too have that feeling agin. I am proud of myself for how i handle things with my ex girlfriend and current girlfriend. I no longer really belive in god but i sometimes ask myself i he's trying to make a old wish i made 2 years ago come true.

    • oh, just because she looked at you the way she used too does not mean she's trying to get back in your life. if she wanted to get back in your life I'm sure she would try and contact you some how whether it be on social media or the phone and such.

    • Yea that's whst i mean. Wss so confused... the only part i understand is the past is the past unless i belive i want it too be or it comes back. Then you make the choice to let it stay in thd past or be yoyr future

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