Did I make a right decision? Unfriending/blocking my ex on social media post break up? NOT getting back to her?

My girlfriend and I are senior in High School (different boarding school) and we dated for 6 months. In September, we had an argument and made a conclusion that we are taking a break. In October, I sent her flower to show that I still care about her. Two days later, I called her to see what is going on. She did not respond. Instead I got a call from her best friend and she told me how really bad thing happened to her and how she broke up with me. I was furious but no option to accept the fact. In November, I texted her saying what happened to her. Turns out, she was sexually assaulted from 5 men right before her b-day and she told me how she is still fond of me but cannot be in relationship.

I wanted to help her but I realized I cannot since we live far away and we are busy. Also, she ignored my texts so I didn’t want to force anything. I asked another friend of her to know what is she feels about me. My ex told her she likes me as a “person” but not who can date.

I texted her again and we decided to talk Sunday afternoon. I called her in afternoon, she never responded. I got disappointed and left her a voicemail. She was talking about we can stay friends, but we don’t do stuff like friends do so I told her I cannot be her friend. We don't communicate and hang out and she didn’t tell me to do anything so why would I have to stay friends? After this I texted my friend for appreciation. Then she got a message from ex and she was blaming on her because she contacted me. She called me at 7, mainly blaming me and her for contacting each other. She told me the reason why she cannot date is she has other priorities (academics) and she also told me she cannot love any men anymore – at least in college/for a long time.

SO I decided to unfriend/block her on social media... What do you think? I mean I am not planning to get back with her so I think it was a good move. Any questions, let me know thanks.


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  • I would cut her loose too. Its a dreadful thing that happened to her and I hope she is in recovery and doing well but the fact remains that she is choosing not to respond to you. She has prioritised her life for the next few years and you don't seem to be on the list. I would swerve anymore contact.


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  • yeah it is the right decision mate, i would do the same


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