Ex and Facebook?

My ex broke up with me 6 weeks ago...I deleted him on Facebook and most of his family and friends. He did the same. But over the past 6 weeks he keeps Blocking and unblocking me on Facebook. Once you unblock someone you have to wait 48-72 hrs to block them again. He waits and then a few days later blocks me again. WHY is he doing this? He can not see my page because its on private and I can not see his because its on private. What should I do? I am thinking of deactivating my account and TOTALLY disappearing for weeks. We haven't spoken in over a week...but it was just one text and before that we hadn't spoken since the break up


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  • He could be curious as to what your up to and "creeps" on your page and then waits until he can block you again.

    I would just deactivate the account (you can always go back once everything has cooled off). Its only FB...

    You want to disappear from his radar and have him wonder about you. If curiosity kicks in, you willl hear from him. Until that happens just move on. We ladies need to put our hearts first that way we don't get it broken...

    • Thank you! I just deactivated my account...now none of his friends can check up on my page either...

  • in my opinion I think he is doing it to get your attention, I did the same to my ex to get his attention.

    i think that maybe you should just leave it for a while before you try and talk to him, chances are he may still like you. don't worry too much, hope I've helped x


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