Pushed her away kissing? Ladies help me?

This is a little embarrassing, but kissing on the end of a second date, I pushed the lovely young lady away quite quickly, and mentioned " I'll let you have an early night " and left.
She had a very high interest level, and I had the chance to take her home and close %99 before that.

TBH. I had something going on in my life/headspace that day, and it had just got to the stage I felt completely numb, she doesn't know about this.

Ladies, honestly, do you feel massive rejection from this? Would she feel I am the biggest jerk in the world? %100000 Unintentional obviously, cheers, just would love the insight, be brutal if needs be
Ohhh, I saw the window, and initiated the kiss by the way


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  • Looking at it from her end yes, she probably thinks she did something wrong to make you do that. Make it clear you were just having a rough day and need a breather


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What Girls Said 3

  • I would be wondering if I were coming on strong. But If I see that you are interested in another date, I would not be worried

    • I rang her to apoligize the next day, and she just hung up on me

    • Everyone is different. She might have seen it as a rejection and doesn't know what to think of it

  • Honestly I would think you are a gentleman and being very respectful because majority all the guys that I talked to before I met my boyfriend wanted sex only.

  • wow uhm.

    if its someone I've kissed before id feel shit.
    if its someone new id be like damn maybe the guy isn't ready or i caught him off guard OR he that maybe he wants to initiate the first kiss lol

    • That's the thing, I did initiate

    • thats awkward.
      but just apologise. everything will be fine :)

What Guys Said 2

  • You didn't say men couldn't comment, so... It's all a learning process. Never do this again to a girl you have any intention of seeing again. Ever.

  • You panicked. It happens, just tell her what happened, if she is right for you she'll understand.


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