Why did my ex get emotional over my photo in front of our friend?

my ex dumped me 6 weeks ago. one of the last things he said to me was that he didn't love me anymore.
I haven't heard from him in a month.
But Friday a mutual friend said they had lunch together and this not known to me, and that mutual friend and i have an ongoing trivia game going on on an app. so i played it apparently while they were out. he says it went off on the table and my name and photo popped up. my ex grabbed his phone and stared at my photo for a good 5 mins and then put it down and then wiped away tears. Our friend asked if he was ok. he said he missed me and messed this all up.
He hasn't tried to reach out. Why?


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  • Sometimes it's something about the women us fellas love about said girl but something she's doing that's pushing us back. Like my ex. Phew! Sexual chemistry was off the chain! Commutation was manitory and interest grew. But I broke up with her cause her texts are boring, she played games, and I didn't want to use her for sex. So I stop loving her and moved on but miss the other small stuff we did.

    • My ex left me because i pushed to hard to move in together. And i kinda started getting a little needy.

    • That's something I love in women. i do t why he felt that was an issue but being needy to me ain't bad at all. Knowing how much a girl care about me and telling what she want to do is a turn on for me cause I reciprocate and give it to her plus more privacy too.

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