If my boyfriend has been cheating on me , does he not love me?

Okay so I have been with my boyfriend for a year. Anyway he hasn't been working as he lost he's job and is not driving either as lost his license. anyway we are together most days he's stays we me also few times a week sometimes on the weekends. Anyway I found a secret phone off his with certain girls numbers. I read the messages and there's one girl he stays with every week and they seem to argue quit abit and she keeps saying in the messages he has a secret girlfriend and for him to leave her alone but he has kept messenging her. There is a lot of messages between them both and a day he spent the whole day with me. He left me early said he had to go somewhere when really he was staying with her. There is also lots of videos of her and pictures. It seems he has known her for along time and has possibly been seeing her the whole time we've been together. I feel so heart broken. How can he be with me everyday and been doing this. He must not love or care for me in the slightest. Am I just there so he's not alone. What do I do?


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  • cheating doesn't determine love in my opinion. i think someone who loves can depending on what kindve upbrinigng he has

    having said that, now you gotta leave or its downhill from here

    • So you think this man could love me knowing he has been seeing this girl every week?

    • in this partucular case i dont htink he loves you.

      there are men who love their wives who have sex wth escorts once a while for their lust

      id break up. i wouldn't even ask on gag and woudve done it immediately.

    • So what do u think he likes this girl I see her picture she looks really slaggy looking massive boobs and hardly any clothes on loads of make up

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  • You can love someone and still treat them horribly. They aren't mutually exclusive behaviors. The people who beat their spouse generally love them. The people who insult, name call, and put down their partners generally love them. Love has nothing to do with being a shitty person/partner.

    Also, I don't recommend staying in a relationship with a shitty partner. You're going to be a lot less happier in life than if you weren't with them.


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