My ex keeps doing this.. what does this mean?

My ex broke with me because he thought I was a slot and he kept me nasty names. His friend named sean keeps telling me now that he bring me up mostly everyday. My ex keeps saying , i'm a slut, bitch, prick, whore ass, or something similar to that. It really bugs me since I'm trying to move on but the name calling keeps reeling me back in. My ex told me that he has moved on , but he won't stop name calling me. What does this mean? If he hates, me then why doesn't he just stop talking about me?


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  • If he is constantly calling you names, then he has not moved on. It sounds like he is very bitter towards you. I wouldn't be able to tell you what that is since I don't know the whole story, but this guy obviously doesn't respect you.

    If he started this after you told him about sleeping around, then that means he doesn't want to date a girl who sleeps around. In that case it would mean he really likes you, but don't see you as a girl worth respecting enough to be in a relationship with

  • He's a fuckin loser.
    Ignore, ignore, ignore!!


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