Girls/Guys opinion and experience! Does Ex girlfriend really mean what she is saying? How long of no contact is the best?

My Ex and I dated for 3 years and were friends for half a year before that. During this time I have gotten really close with her family and friends. We always talked about marriage and what our future would be like together. We were best friends, and everything seemed to be going great. She transferred to a really extensive school program, and I was only able to see her once maybe twice a week. I told her this was ok because we have the rest of our lives and this is only for a short time. Due to the stress of work and school we started to bicker a lot. Then one day she just broke it off. She said she wanted to focus on her and school and that right now she wasn't sure she would want to marry me anymore. She said she wants us to work out, and if we did she would have no doubts about marriage but she just needs time. Its been two months, and I begged and seemed to have pushed her away. For the first few weeks she said she still loved me and was attracted to me but wasn't sure what was holding her back. Eventually she asked for space and got to the point where she barely answers me and ignores me 99% of the time. She says that I can always come to her if I need her but right now she can't talk about the relationship. She went from saying she wanted us to work to now saying we will never work out and that I need to get over her. She started getting mad whenever I would ask her for some closure. she's always been hot headed and stubborn, could she just be saying this because she wants space but doesn't really mean it? I haven't said anything to her in 5 days and I plan to wait at least 3 more weeks or if she contacts me sooner. I have to believe that love isn't gone. She feels like a part of me, I have a life outside of her and I have been having fun with friends but she's still my world and I feel complete with her. Anyone from experience will she come back, do you think she means what she says?


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  • A word of caution, this might be hard to hear. She is almost certainly sleeping with someone else. When women do this crap it's because they want to take a little "break" or something so they can go have thier little fling. It's happened to me almost exactly the way you're describing it. She'll almost certainly not admit to it, and if you ever do find out it'll be a friend or hers that tells you later down the line. Forget the wedding man, you need to ask yourself if you can commit to someone who is so unreliable, and has soo little respect for your feelings that she can't even get back to you.

    • Thanks I appreciate your response. I can see that being a possibility but im not sure thats what it is. she's had her colorful past and while she knows it brought her to where she is today, wouldn't want to make the same mistakes again. she's always been very open with me and has told me things im sure most people wouldn't so I dont think I have to worry about that. she's said she doesn't want to be with anyone else right now so ill believe her.

    • Well I wish you luck man, but please just keep that in your mind so it doesn't distroy you if your wrong.

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