Why are so many people up tight about trying with a ex gf/bf agin even if they didn't cheat?

I understand the past is the past which is 100% true. But in order to make a past relationship work you gotta let the past go. I understand some people feel going backwards is bad but some people end up marrying a ex girlfriend. people need to understand that their is nothing wrong with giving a 2nd chance even more so when its been over a year since you talk too the person. But if you plan on giving it a 2nd chance with someone you broke up witb ever week them your a dumb ass.


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  • Some people realize that they made a big mistake by letting this person go, they feel miserable and have a lot of regrets, so they end up crawling back to that person again even if they were the ones who dump them, but it doesn't always work, some peope came back when that person moved on and has a new gf/bf. So I think people should be more careful with the decisions they make. Never make a promise when you are happy, and never make a decision when you are mad.


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  • I have never been really against going back to an ex, hell, I've tried on 3 separate occasions, but even while trying (which i didn't really put much effort into) I realized that giving/taking a second chance is not a bad thing, everyone deserves one. One has to look into WHY they are an ex.
    One of the exes im talking about was verbally AND physically abusive, but i still tried to go back, but eventually realized that even though "past is past"..."history repeats itself"... I didn't like being abused and at some point, she WILL be abusive again.
    If it was a clean break and you want to try again after a couple years, fine. But if they were something negative and that caused the break up, if you try again, the same shit will happen again... eventually.

    • You 100% right and i like talking abiut this but you also gotta talk too the ex about things like this. Plus some people muture after some time has past so it may not happen agin

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    • Its not every time that things change, thats why you have to consider WHY. oh, this was the same girl who had to be forcibly removed by police from her ex boyfriend's house, had been cheated on before AND after i met her... basically... NO GUY wants this bitch but she still thinks its the guys...

    • Wow man you been through hell and back with this ex but happy you at least give her a shit. so mo regerts

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  • you are right

  • I agree! My husband and I have been together for 10 years. We split up for a year, got back together and resolved past issues. Our relationship became stronger than ever before. There wasn't any cheating involved, we just didn't communicate well so ended up spitting up

    Over the year we were apart we both matured and changed our outlook. We still loved each other and eventually got back together. We commincate so much better now , and I look on him as my best friend, not just my husband

    I believe in giving a relationship a 2nd chance if infidelity wasn't't involved. Someone you love is worth fighting for.

    • How long have you beem together since the break?

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