Is it possible to reconcile after a breakup?

Is it possible for a three month relationship to bounce back from a break up? My boyfriend has been busy and asked for a break, and it has been 15 days since. Does anyone have any successful stories where they broke up in the beginning of the relationship and reconciled?


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  • Yes it is possible. My husband and I broke up for a year, then reconciled. Years later we married. Our relationship is stronger than ever before because we communicate better, and we also resolved past issues So we could put the past behind us

    As long as infidelity was not involved, and you both still love each other then you both need to " fight" to make it work.

    I hope you both find your way back together. It's sad when two people just can't make a relationship last, but it's not impossible to make it work a second time aroundā¤


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  • It's always possible it jut depends on the people and how strong the feelings are/were, I'm friends with my ex we don't talk much but there's no bad blood

  • he will come back. my boyfriend did the same but i couldnt wait and annoyed him and he hates me today. dont do my mistake please..


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