Would you/have you told your friends that you cheated?

This is more aimed at the women, but men can share as well. Lets say your friends are coworkers and you've only been working there for a few months so you don't know them that well although you have made some close friends whom you hang out with outside of work regularly. Lets say they know your boyfriend as well and they all like him. Would you tell them why you broke up or make something up?
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  • I'm a girl and I would tell. I don't really hold anything back. What would be the point of that?

    • You wouldn't want to be labeled a slut at your new office or people will lose respect for you if they liked your boyfriend and felt that your actions were completely out of line. If I had a friend that cheated on his girlfriend who I thought was wonderful I'd think he was an asshole and wouldn't want much to do with him anymore. Just as in the case with one of my cousins who cheated on his wife, I don't talk with him anymore because of it.

    • If people want to label me a slut for making a mistake and being honest about it then that's their issue.

    • If I cheated I'd also tell my spouse... you may view cheating as bad but I view lying as the worse. People knowing about it doesn't change the fact that I did it.

      Now I wouldn't go into work and announce it as it's not most peoples business but I wouldn't lie about it and my friends would all know.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Depends on how much of a "friend" they are. Do they know how to respect something when given to them in confidence? Or do they "secretly" spread gossip?

    • Depends on how well you can trust someone after knowing her/him for like 3 months. You both seem to trust each other and get along well.

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    • It was a nightmare. We purchased the business my family started from scratch. Her and her last boyfriend, while were were married, emptied our savings account of $57,000 on partying, booze and cocaine. I actually went to the bank one day to see how much interest it had earned and the teller told me there was a $1 balance. The divorce forced a quick sale of our home which I ended up with a check for $500. That is what I got for making payments on time for 10+ years. Our business accountant would do our personal year end taxes for free. The last three years of marriage she had me sign my tax return then threw it in the trash. When audited by the IRS some years later I ended up owing them over $22,000 in back taxes and I was jobless.

      I still use what I learned about reading body language. I can tell within one or two seconds if a person I just met is someone I would enjoy talking to or to avoid. Learning to read the corners of eyes and lips.

      Be careful what you share with "friends".

    • Just wow, I honestly have no words, what a fucking nightmare! Now I seem to understand more why divorces suck so much for guys. 500 bucks for your house, unfucking believable.

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  • Well, I've been both cheated on and the cheater. Once I did it on purpose just because she did and wanted to give her a taste of her own medicine (and I found out by the guy she cheated with telling me, we were friends and he basically "kissed and told"). Humans were just never meant to be monogamous.

  • Of course. As a friend it is my responsibility to let my friends know the real me

  • I would never cheat.
    Assuming I would, why would I give them the ultimate way to blackmail me?

  • i wouldn't cheat.


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