Anyone else haunted by an ex's disappearance?

for some reason the whole thing always seems to be bothering me , I haven't seen her for some time maybe last jan or feb , and then from what I know she went overseas for work in Thailand and hasn't even been back home once , her sister is still around and I saw her a couple times during the summer and she had been there to visit her but didn't really tell me anything as to how she was doing.

I don't know the whole thing just bothers me , I also don't have any way to keep in touch with her or even message her to ask how she is doing , were not on any of the same websites anymore ( I use twitter she doesn't , I don't use facebook she does , I don't have instagram she does ) and I don't have her current email address
I honestly wonder if I will even see her again and if I was what would I even say to her at this point? I have no plans to visit or move to Thailand just to see her


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  • You may well not see her again, ever. That is what can happen when we break up with someone and in a way it's kind of the point. You have to be able to accept that something is over and that they are not part of your life anymore. If anything you are blessed to have that because so many people torture themselves by following their ex's every movement.

    • I might see her again , her parents and sister still live around here , if she ever comes home but I don't think its something that is imminently likely , true I have no idea what she is doing there and can't view her online , which can sometimes be for the best , I'd have to imagine she has been with other people sexually by now , its been so long since I saw her and Thailand is such a wild place

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  • People give their time to those that interest them. She let go of you. It happens.


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