Are there any full-proof ways to get over a girl or a person in general?

Need to get over this one girl I work with. Any Ideas?

Sometimes i'm like, fuck that bitch then I'll turn around and be like damn I miss her.

Especially when I see her smiling, I use to make her smile. :(

What can I do to get over her?


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  • There is no quick fix, it takes time and effort. You have to keep yourself busy, you have to make sure you have fun and you have to socialise with other people. You can't switch off your brain or your emotions but you can retrain them over time.

    • Do you think any negative reinforcement like pointing out the flaws she has will help with my goal?

    • It can help to humanise her, yes. Sometimes we can put people on a pedestal and it can be entirely realistic. It can help to remember that she still goes to the toilet like the rest of us, she's not a goddess. She is a human being with flaws, just like everyone else. You should also remember that she's only one girl amongst millions. She is not the worst or the best.

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  • Dude, the best way to get over an old chick is to bang new ones. Remember you're time is worth more than hers and things didn't work out which just paves the way to new vaginas. It's hard to be sad when you're having fun. Go out with your buddies and meet new chicks.

  • Fool-proof.

    And know, short of dying, there is no way.

    • i see what you did there with that play on words

      What makes you say that?

    • Well, the phrase is "fool-proof" not "full-proof".

      How do I know? First-hand experience at having a continuous broken-heart since you were swimming in your father's balls.

  • I don't think so.


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