Anyone have an ex boyfriend with bipolar disorder?

I won't go into a lot of detail here but we dated for 8 months, minor arguments but overall happy together. Almost two months ago he broke up with me out of the blue. No signs leading up to it. One day he is telling me he loves me the next he can't be with me anymore. Changed literally overnight. He had a new woman a week later. He blocked me and won't talk to me. He is treating me like an enemy. I am still completely confused and devastated.

Anyone else ever experience this type of behavior? I have never dated anyone with bipolar disorder before so didn't really know much about it. Will he ever talk to me again? I still love him very much.


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  • Over the summer, there was a girl that I met. At first we were very shy with each other just cause the reason we had met was because of a mutual friend. Therfore we didn't want to make it awkward for that person. But over time we began to talk more and more. We went on long over night drives to places that she'd never been too, on the Fourth of July I took her to the Hudson River and watched the fireworks from a balcony at a 5 star restaurant, I took her to Warped tour, she met my family, a lot of things happened. Obviously we I got very attached.

    The day after Warped Tour, she had to go to the city for a month because of some classes she was taking at SVA. As soon as we get back from Warped, I pull into her driveway and say, "I guess this is our last night for a while."
    To which she responded, "No, this is our last night forever. There's someone else I've been seeing."
    I went into an extreme depression for several weeks. My friend eventually told me and I quote, "She's a bitch dude, she's not worth your tears. If she can just cast you aside in an instant after all you did with and for her, then you can get over her with no issue. Move on, you'll meet someone else, someone better who will appreciate all the small things you do. Someone who will see that you're not just fuck in around."

    I guess the point is that, memories do last forever but moments are gone with an instant. Just take your memories of the good times with you, use the bad experiences as fuel to move forward and just keep your head up. Cause if you keep walking staring at the floor then you'll miss the One that's right in front of you

    • Thank you. I am still depressed over his leaving. It was so sudden and we were in love. Well, I thought we were. I will take your advice and try to just move forward

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    • Some days it hurts really bad, like today. It's been a long time since I had my heart broken. Very painful. I know it gets better. But sometimes it is a long and painful path.

      Hope you are doing better.

    • I still think about her very often but I'm doing better :)

  • Bipolar or not you didn't deserve to be treated like that so you swerve better


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  • Ha, yeah I have before like my most recent one tbh it was good days then there was bad and we argued like a normal couple but he got too (MEAN) If you know what I mean? :'(


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