Why is my ex emotional about seeing my picture, but yet won't contact me?

my ex dumped me 6 weeks ago. one of the last things he said to me was that he didn't love me anymore.
I haven't heard from him in a month.
But Friday a mutual friend said they had lunch together and this not known to me, and that mutual friend and i have an ongoing trivia game going on on an app. so i played it apparently while they were out. he says it went off on the table and my name and photo popped up. my ex grabbed his phone and stared at my photo for a good 5 mins and then put it down and then wiped away tears. Our friend asked if he was ok. he said he missed me and messed this all up.
why hasn't he tried to reach out then?


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  • Even if he doesn't love you anymore that doesn't mean that you two didn't make some AMAZING memories together. Obviously when something reminds him of you he's going to think about those times also and believe me it gets emotional because on some level he has to have at least some kind of feelings for you.

    He probably hasn't reached out because it would reverse any progress he has made in getting over you. When you want to end it with someone you can't be around them (or else stuff like that happens where you get upset and start to question your decision).

    If you still want him REACH OUT. The situation can't get any worse at this point so if you think there's something there try talking to him. Just meet up for a casual coffee or something. Believe me you don't want to look back on this several years from now and question whether or not you didn't take every chance possible to make it work.


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  • Wow whatever happened must have been an absolute deal breaker for him. Has nothing to do with loving you. Something must have happened that he couldn't talk about. Is it possible he had an affair and didn't want to say anything? Just some food for thought

    • No cheating was involved. I know he loved me, he's just a commitment phobe. He hasn't really told me what it waa that made him end it. He just told me it was over anc basically walked away.

  • Because he knows there's no such thing as reconciling and riding off into the sunset together and living happily ever after. It's over. Get over it and move on


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