Does anyone have exs that was a short relationship, but it just didn't feel right that way but you're both still good friends? ?


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  • I do except for the last part, we're not good friends, we stay away from each other.

    • Well the one im good friends with, he lives so far away we've never met each other lol I guess that makes it easier to be friends

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    • I really don't understand most people

    • Everyone's mind is a mystery.

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  • I don't want them hurt or killed, if you can muzzle them up and all they do is end up only wrestling that would be alright, that way they won't be hurt

    • Nevermind I thought this was a dog fighting thread I know what happened

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  • Yea but it was more like we couldn't be together like we wanted to so we just drifted apart, we're cool though

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