Do guys think about their exes after the fact?

Do guys think about the girls they left behind, if they are the ones who did the dumping. We had a two year relationship and it's been a little while since the split. I was just wandering if he thinks about me like I do him and in what capacity. I know there is no way to know for sure just curious what the general thought is. TIA


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  • well in my own experiences, I will remember every serious relationship I ever had. obviously the ones that ended with the girl breaking up with me hurt more, and I tend to dwell on them accordingly, but there have been a couple instances where I dumped her, and it stuck with me, and still does. I guess it just depends on the circumstance of how the relationship ended. if it was a mutual thing, it might not hold as much inside of him for u, but if it was a thing that one person couldn't do anymore, there's a good chance its still kind of with him.


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