Why she keep coming in my orbit?

Me and my ex broke up a year ago. She jumped in a rebound 3 weeks after our break up which failed. The past 4 months I've been NC but she has tried reaching out to me but I've stayed NC:

my ex keeps doing weird things.

She sent me a picture of me and her from when we first started dating her excuse to sending it me was "I turnt on my computer and I saw this"

she message one of my friends and said "did he block his number or is he ignoring me"

she unblocked me on all social media (because she sent follow request but I declined it)

she wrote me on social media asking "is there something wrong with me"

My recent ex followed my ex ex from years ago on social media, they don't even know each other my ex only know of her because I told her about her when we was together, but their friends on social media. (They never talk, my ex ex don't even know her and I don't know it's strange to me)


then Yesturday I commented on my best friend picture "my bro is looking sharp" and she put a "lol" a few hours after commented on it wtf


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  • Lol, the title of this question is so awesome...

    Anyway, it's obvious that she needs closure from you. I don't know if she necessarily wants you back, but I think she wants you to want her back. And I also think she wants you to chase her.

    But either way, you should tell her you've moved on completely.

    • I have her closur 4 months after the break up, she did as well. I stated to her "I'm in a different part of my life where I no longer want to be associate with you". Fast Foward to now she's all around my orbit

  • Seems like she's definitely not over you. Who broke it off?

    • We just came to an agreement. She's 4 years younger then me and I can tell by the friends she was starting to hang around she wanted to enjoy that new "party/ wild lifestyle" (I know cause I was there at some point ) so I just told her to go out spread her wings and I'm do the same.

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    • I would, when she lets that lifestyle go and matures up

    • Ah a lot of young girls go through that phase. If you're willing to wait for her then you should tell her how you feel

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