Ex thought he was still friends with me?

Long story short, my ex quickly moved on with another chick and I was left heartbroken. Months later, he text me back saying he was bored and thought he could talk to me but he saw that was not the case. I explained to him why I wouldn't, and he understood and said he wouldn't bother me again. I thought it was weird that 1) he got in contact with me again after months of silence and 2) the convo ended so quickly because he "understood". I don't wanna text him back and ask what was his real reason for contacting me again. Any thoughts or am I just overthinking?


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  • Love how he only decided to text you when he was bored 😒 It seems like he just wanted to hook up. Don't overthink it too much, he's not worth it!


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  • He wanted a booty call. He ended the conversation as soon as he realized he wasn't getting anywhere with you.


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