If you still had feelings for an ex and he/she told you they are still in love with you, what would you do?


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  • I would be flattered, but I don't know what i would do

    One ex I still have a strong weak for. If she would contact me and tells me she likes me still, I'd be very happy yet our love/hate relationship would be a thing to work on. I think Im more assertive these days to stand my ground when she looks for boundaries. She has that type of personality.
    I think I first would wanna have a good talk and meet up and see how we reconnect. Take it slow and not dive into a relationship so quick like we did or just be good friends.

    My other exes I closed my heart to. So I'd say just be good friends.

    But nowadays I developed a crush on a girl and I think she's more my kinda girl to build a future with, than my ex. But yet having a weak for someone is hard to resist. But when I am taken and she would ask, I am taken.


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  • There's so many things that would change what I'd do; how we ended things, how we are now, is there anyone else for either of us, do I still feel for her. If the conditions were right I'd be open to talking things through and maybe getting back together, otherwise I'd try to be friends.

  • i don't know... but iam also in same situation


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