He Lost feelings but never spent time together?

Started dating long distance but it was my first experience with a real relationship and I had a lot to learn so it only lasted a month and a half. He broke up with me and things were bad for a long time between us until we started being friends again recently. I still have feelings for him and wanted to spend time with him (we're at the same college now.) we never would which would frustrate me and I would complain. Then he'd say me complaining is why he doesn't want to see me. During that time, we'd text everyday , say goodmorning, tell eachother new things about ourselves, etc. I told him that unless he was going to see me, stop texting me. He said he never said he wanted to be more than friends. Then the next day was the first time he tried seeing me but I was upset and told him I didn't want to see him. He blocked my number because of that. Now we're technically friends again but we don't talk like we used to. He said "our time has passed". I understand losing feelings but we've only interacted twice for no more than 5 minutes months ago.


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  • Maybe he looks nothing like his photo or smells bad or has some kind of deformity and doesn't want you to know the real him. Or maybe he is very shy or awkward or weird or slow thinking and doesn't want you to know that either. Don't trust a guy like that. Move on.

  • I don't know why you'd want to be friends with him... There's one thing to be honest about feelings and not string you along, it's another to just be mean. And he's going back and fourth. Especially the last time when you said you two were at the same college now.
    He talks to you, messages daily, wants friendship, but hanging face to face does not all of a sudden mean marriage, friends hang out together too. But then he makes you feel bad for never seeing each other. And I'm sorry to say you complaining about this one thing is why he won't date you is horrible, you should never want a guy who the moment you're in a bad mood or upset about something makes you feel worse.

    Then you can't see him on the day he decides so instead of being understanding he blocks you for months?
    He's an immature little dickhead.

  • did you ever meet in person?

    • Yeah, 3 times when school first started. Other times it's at a distance

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