Have you ever broken up with someon who didn't beg and went into no contact?

My boyfriend of three months got stressed with work, school, and selling a house. We ar both 29. I made him angry because I was adding to the stress. I gave him space, but I kind of felt tension in the relationship, and instead of being a supportive girlfriend, I didn't back off. So, he said he needed a break from me for a while. I told him I was sorry and I'd give him space, but I cared about him and wanted to work on the relationship. It has been 18 days and I haven't heard anything.

So so my question is-guys: have you ever broken up with a girl who immediately went no contact and didn't beg? If so, did you ever contact her, or think about her? I want to reach out to him, but I don't know how.


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  • Honestly I would be very concerned about him not contacting you at all. Even if he doesn't want to get back together right at this moment, he isn't worried about what your doing or who you're doing which tells me he truly doesn't care and most likely is getting his needs met by someone else. If you really want to be with him I would find some excuse to contact him or see you because he owes you some closure. If he isn't willing to at least do that he's probably a cruel person and your time and energy is better spent on someone else.


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  • Shoot him a text saying you've been thinking about him and hope he is doing well.

    • He was really angry at me (I poked the bear). I'm afraid if I reach out he'll call it quits, or worse-not respond :(.

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    • @wajojoh thanks :)

    • no problem ;)

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  • What I keep noticing in topics like these and what continues to amaze me is, seemingly, how easy it is to mess your relationships up. Everything has to be rosy and beautiful and drop at the sight of trouble.

    • Holy wow, that's exactly what I think and what I want to tell him. I just feel like it would fall in deaf ears. It really stings.

  • Well im a lot younger (18). But i know that men are simple minded. He probably doesn't want to hurt you while he is stressed. Let him figure things out in his head first. And if you have the time please see my question.


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