Struggling to get over a toxic girl?

There was this girl I really liked at University. I lived with her for two years and I thought she was really funny, we could be close at times, best friends at times but she was a toxic individual. We haven't spoken in ages and in a way I am better off without as she is too much stress and it hurts too much loving someone who not only doesn't reciprocate but is also extremely manipulative. I still think about her most days, some more than others. Some things still remind me of her and it's driving me a bit mad. I just want her out of my head. I want to move on, find someone else but it's been 6 months since I last saw her and I still think about her.
Please help me!


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  • What was toxic about her?

    • Manipulative, paranoid, couldn't talk out arguments with people to save her life (she was a big fan of the silent treatment and it could drive me absolutely mad). She used people a lot and could be incredibly two-faced. She liked to play people off against one-another and created a lot of drama.

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    • Well I guess its a lesson learned the hard way. If you thought you could change her behaviour due to living together and being close on and off, well, that was unlikely to ever happen - she spreads herself too thinly. I would make an honest list of all the good and the bad and get your emotions out that way. As for other girls, keep looking as you do need a distraction to help you move forward. You fell in love with her a little bit and kept on hoping for some small chink but she wasn't ready. You will eventually see this as no big deal as you move on.

    • That's a good idea, I'll do that list. Hopefully seeing it all in front of me will help. I hope I will be able to look past it all soon if I meet someone new. I definitely need to make more of an effort with girls as that will make me feel better and forget about all this. I've been getting into my hobbies more recently which helps although I don't think it's quite as effective as meeting girls again which I'll try out soon. Thank you for taking the time to write such detailed responses to my question, it's helped me feel better already :) I'll award you most helpful answer as soon as I can :)

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