Do girls remember and compare their first relationships to current/future relationships?

Hi so me and my girlfriend of 1 year broke up I was her first boyfriend. I did everything I could to make her happy like spoiling her, never calling her out of her name, telling her good morning/ goodnight every night, making time for her, and more. To the point where every female including her mom says I wish I had a boyfriend like you or I wish my boyfriend did those things everytime I talk to one. But is it true girls like my ex will look for things in her next relationship? And what if she can't find it?


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  • I'm so sorry to break your heart kiddo, sounds like you were a very good boyfriend but for some girls all the attention isn't enough, we need the chemistry. Love is weird and unexplainable, I've fallen for bad guys and I've rejected really nice ones. Why? Because I feel more attracted to someone else. The good guy doesn't always win. I know it's unfair and terrible but if she doesn't appreciate you, try to get her out of your mind. You seem like a nice guy and you're very young, in sure you'll find a girl who will love you with all of her heart

    • No we had chemistry to where's we were basically insaperable! But she moved away and we were doing long distance but got into an argument and broke up. She needed space and I messed up by not giving her any. So I pushed her away more to the point where she honestly doesn't know about a relationship anymore. SO should I wait or move on wait or move on?

  • No. Once I move on from my ex then he is a song from the past. So I will give 100% to my new boyfriend.

    • But what I do he was nothing but good to you? And your new boyfriend did something you know your ex would never do?

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