Should my friend remove my ex girlfriend on facebook?

She said she felt like she was Deceiving my ex girlfriend since she doesn't known we are friends. She add my ex 1 year ago to try fixing a misunderstand we had after her parents focused us apart. I told her too forget about it and that this was something only me and my ex girlfriend can fix if she wanted too. Since then she have been giving my ex girlfriend advice on her new relationship and has only text me about my ex 2 times. In which i told her never to text me about ny ex girlfriend agin becuase she no longer part of my life. The first time she text me my ex girlfriend mom had died last year then this year ago when she broke up with her boyfriend for half a day over something very very stupid. So should she remove my ex girlfriend from her Facebook friends list? I told her if she sees my ex as a friend then no. Since she has not been trying to get My ex too broke up with her current boyfriend or spying on my ex girlfriend for me. I honestly forget she was friends with my ex girlfriend till she told me she broke up with her boyfriend for a very hours since he cursed her out for commenting another guy.


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  • yeah she should

    • Hii u here

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    • they talk about personal stuff but i told her its 100% her choice. doesn't effect me so i won't tell her what to do

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