Why doesn't he ever comment on pics I send him?

We've been broken up for a while now by he's choice, but we remained friends which I resisted at first. But sometimes he asks for topeless pics which I reluctantly send but without my face. And sometimes he just wants a regularl picture of me but he never says anything about my pics just thanks you and that's it.

Sometimes he talks sexual but he never mentions himself sexual with me. It's always if I could have sex what would I do, but he doesn't include himself.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Your choice on the pics. Probably he hates u on debate but somewhere he is still sexually wants u. If u still want a friends with benefits or a hookup, try talking dirty or maybe ask him out directly about how u look.
    I doubt he is mastrubating at them.

    Other side, if he has hate, there are chances the normal pictures and ur topless ones are easy to be merged and used. You may know how they might be used. So be careful.

    Play safe da!


Most Helpful Girl

  • You sound like you have no self-respect and you're obsessed with your ex who exploits your feelings. He broke up with you and you send him nudes "reluctantly", for God's sake do you think he respects that? You have a choice, if you don't want to then don't send them. The relationship is over and it's a bit sad and desperate to keep doing what you're doing. Sorry it's harsh but you need to realize that and focus on moving on.


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  • People react to things differently. So his reaction is based on his personality.


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  • Ole girl is right that he is exploiting you but I'm not going to be hateful and say you don't have self respect. He is using the pics and convos to get off and possibly show his friends (possibly). I'd stop completely if I were you. But that can be easier said than done.


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