Ladies have you ever had an ex boyfriend that wanted you back and you ended up going back to him?

just curious if any ladies on here have ever had a ex try to get them back and succeed I want to hear the stories thanks


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  • well I have actually, my ex boyfriend asked me to go back with him maybe like 7 times b4. He still does once in a while . He would spill his heart out to me all the time. He was the sweetest and kind to me he always wanted to protect me. I couldn't be with him no more because the things he did in life. He would not grow up. Don't get it twisted he was faithful to me. But I couldn't wait for him for 5 years while he was in prison.

  • Yes, I was in a relationship with this guy for a year then we broke it off...and only a month later he was with another girl. They didn't last but seeing him with her made me so jelouse I went right back to him. Shortly after we broke up rather see him with another girl than him bug the f*** out of me constantly.


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