Ex girlfriend wanted space yet she is the one making contact and keeping tabs on me?

So my ex (who I also work in the same building with but in different departments) ended things back in October. She claimed she wanted space and was confused about her feelings for me.

I have respected her wishes since the break up and have not called or texted her. I went as far as removing her from my social media feeds as well (didn't want her to think I was keeping tabs or stalking).

Since the breakup she still follows me on social media (IG and Snapchat). She views my snap stories and likes the majority of my photos I post on IG.

She has reached out to me 3 separate occasions. The first was a "check-in" text 2 weeks following the break up and she dropped the let's be friends line. I kept things brief and told her I was okay with her decision to end it and that I would continue giving her the space she asked for. I didn't answer the let's be friends thing but she knew my stance from the night we broke up about how that wouldn't happen.

The second was a reachout through a work channel (skype) about joining some co-workers to do a volunteer day/grab drinks after. I politely declined.

The third and most recent happened last Saturday night. She sent me a text of a pic of us. I replied back (only because since the break up she's been civil and respectful) with a joke since the pic was a goofy one of us. She then replied back with a heart emoji. Instead of getting caught in her web I bluntly asked if she had something she wanted to say to me. Instead she backed off saying "oh no sorry I was just going through photos and deleting some to make space in my phone."

So my question is, I have respected her wishes in terms of her space (not initiating anything outside of saying hi if I see her in the halls at work), yet she is constantly reaching out or keeping tabs on what I am doing.

Why is she doing this? Interested to hear any insight/feedback on this.


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  • Yeah they dump us, want us gone but can't keep their beaks out our buisness lol

    Go out and have fun, lots of it give her something to talk about... basically she's competing against u, to see if you'll get better than her.. all it is.. actions of an insecure child.. just ignore her or get another job she wanted u gone.. go don't ever look back and let her creep

    • I just don't get it. I find it really odd. The few times I have ended a relationship I have made sure to not do things like this and move on with life.

      The fact she is still keeping tabs on me like this shows she is losing whatever "competition" she has in her head. Sad that some people act like this to be honest.

    • I gave up asking myself why a guy I never dated does it... narcissist behaviour to fuck with your head so tou are thinkin of them... i would type pity them but it's exhaustin... best thing to do is ignore her and remove urself away from her.. set up new social media with new name and don't include her in it.. it will annoy her

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