Dumped over text, why take the cowards way out and hurt people more?

My ex dumped me over text most likely because of his commitment issues. But why go that route? Especially if you've been together a long time? We are older, that is something teens and 20 somethings do. not people in their late 30s early 40s. We had a good relationship, never fought, he constantly showed and told me he loved me. And then a fight over moving forward to move in. And we came to a resolution about it too... We wouldn't move in until later next yr and thats fine. he was even planning things for us in tge future too. i dont get it. i wish i had a reason for wht he did this and the way he did it. i have to find my own closure. but aftee being together for 2+ years why that way? why not be a man and tell me to my face. i even asked him before i left if we were good after our fight. and he said, "Babe, we are going to be even better because we figured out a plan and talked it out. I love you so much and i can't wait to see you next weekend." then dumped a few hrs later. and im left with a shattered heart and so many unanswered questions. :-(


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  • He just didn't want to face you, it was easier for him and maybe he just didn't feel that it was necessary for him to do it in person.

    • After a long term committed relationship he felt like it wasn't necessary to say hey this isn't working out for me, just did it over text because he didn't feel it was necessary? Why tell me he loves me, and then do that?
      I can't trust anyone again with my heart because of this. im worthless and basically garbage i suppose.

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    • The thing is, he was raised in such a good family. he's the oldest of 4. All his siblings are married with families. His parents were married 40yrs until his mom died a few years ago. its not like he didn't see great relationships in front of him. He was engaged to his son's mom but he says there was no wedding plans or anything just engaged for 3 years until she left him outta the blue.
      Maybe its part of his cowardly ways or something... I don't know, but i still feel disposable and unlovable. He always showed his love for me he didn't have to tell me i felt it and I've never had that before. im so hurt by this i can't even move on properly.

    • You can move on, I know it's hard at first, but as time goes by, you will heal, your body and mind will have to grieve the loss like it was a death, I know it's not, but in a way it's more hurtful than a death, because a death means they left in accident when this was done on purpose. Work on yourself, read books, go to the gym (working out is a stress reliever). You will be ok, I know it's hard at first, my wife of 9 years left me, and I couldn't go to work for a week without breaking down, but I made it bc I pushed on and rebuilt myself.

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  • He is a coward to face you, hence text.


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