Was I wrong, are we not friends anymore?

I'm not sure what really happened here. So me and this guy had mutual like for each other for almost four months now. So randomly he decided to get an attitude with me and unfriend me on Facebook. Five days ago we were kind of play arguing and then I felt disrespected bc I never thought a guy that I tried to spend time with would call me a hoe whether it was a joke or not that's equivalent to a woman calling a man a straight bitch, to me. So I told him he messed up and didn't talk to him for five days to prove a point. When I messaged him on the fifth day granted it maybe been a little petty but I called him a slut jawn. Then he was all "what do you want?" And I said "well if you have that attitude I guess I'll go back to not talking to you." Then he says I ignored him, which I don't see how I ignored him if we both didn't bother to text each other over this little five day span. That's what I told him and I inquired as to why he sounds a little upset "like a teenage girl". Then he said I tried to effeminate him and put him down, and I mind as well block him. I told him I don't put him down bc if I wanted to I would and second blocking sounds a bit drastic. Then I looked at Facebook and saw he unfriended me. Now I'm like okay... he's being stupid. My friend tried to say I was being mean and so he's ending it. Then I'm like wtf no one ends anything with me damn it. So is he ending it? I don't see how I was the wrong one?


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  • IMHO, neither of you sound like you acted as adults. Quit playing name-calling games and acting like you are back in middle school. Both of you screwed up and I seriously doubt if the damage can be repaired. Consider this a lesson learned on how NOT to conduct yourself in a relationship and move on.

    • Well he started it. And I told him he was in the wrong so technically it was mostly him. Must be his meriod.

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    • We've been broken up for about a year now and he moved to another country

    • Good riddance.

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  • He feels like he was being disrespected and he couldn't stand it. Some guys think it's ok for them to be rude but once you stand up for yourself they feel so hurt


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  • pride comes before the fall... the bigger person will have had said their apologies before anything... heed my advise if you think friendship is worth preservation.. be quick to forgive, apologise and always let go of petty things coz true friends don't get offended when insulting each other.. if it oversteps a line talk about it instead.

  • Well... it does seem like it wasn't your fault, but what we see here is just your side of the story. He may very well have his version, so until we get to know both sides, we wouldn't know for sure who's at fault.

    • Well I don't know his side of the story either bc he didn't say why he was upset. And I asked him why and he never said a clear reason so technically I feel like he shouldn't be mad at anything.

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    • I know I was being immature but I don't feel like it warranted all that negativity and if something was bothering him he could've said something and I wouldn't have done it again

    • We can't always expect people to be the way we want them to be. I have learnt it the hard way, so I don't even have any expectations from anyone anymore.

      You gotta accept that he is a drama queen, and if you aren't live with that (you aren't obliged to anyway), just stop talking to him.

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