Dumped by "best friend"?

Hi everyone.
Im not really looking for advice on how to repair my broken friendship (it's long gone) what im really looking for is advice is moving on.
All day yesterday Christmas day I spent a lot of it crying.
Over a year ago, my best friend just cut me out of her life like I never existed to her. We were best friends for 9 years and did everything together.
she stopped talking to me when she moved to a different house, we didn't have an argument... We were both busy with work and relationships.
when she moved, she stopped talking to me fullstop.
When I asked her over facebook what was wrong, I was blocked, when i messaged her on whatsapp, blocked, when I called her she would hang up. I text her last Christmas to wish her merry Christmas and she ignored me. She just cut ME out of her life.
i saw her a few months ago at a friends party and we spoke. I became very upset and she told me I did nothing wrong and that we would go for lunch soon.
i text her about this (she unblocked me) and she ignored me. I then asked her boyfriend if everything was ok and she messgaes me saying "how dare i talk to him" and blocked me again. This was about 7 months ago.
i have done NOTHING wrong to her (she admitted this) the problem I am having is moving on from this.
any advice would be greatly appreciated.
many Thanks


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What Guys Said 2

  • There is nothing more you can do.. I have been through a similar experience when I was younger. What I did was focus on my other friends and hobbies/things that made me happy. It's almost just like a romantic breakup really.

  • just takes time, after awhile you will forget about them


What Girls Said 1

  • Oh sweetheart that sounds rough 😕 I think it's important to acknowledge (and actually BELIEVE) that you have done nothing wrong. There is nothing that you could have done to prevent this and there is nothing you can do to fix it. She obviously has some personal issues but those are her own.

    I would work on either growing current friendships or making some new ones. Make a concentrated effort to fill your life with good people who care for and respect you


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