Did he cheat on me? What should I do?

Long story short, this guy and I have been on and off since February. When I first met him, he was the sweetest guy ever and I really liked him. However, I just got out of two year relationship and wasn't ready to move on. So he stopped talking to me, and started talking to his ex again, and eventually they dated again. Fast forward 3 months, he said they broke up and he cheated on her with me, which I didn't know. but I started talking to him again :/and then eventually stopped cause it didn't feel right. Fast forward to October, we start talking again and I just wanted to see where things would go. So we would barley talk bwacause he was always busy or working, and wouldn't see each other at school. He really showed that he liked me a lot, but I felt empty still since we would rarely talk.
So, this is where my question comes in. The other day, one of my friends ask if I have a boyfriend, I tell her yes kind of (we never put a label on it) she then tells me that in a group message she's in one of my old friends (who's friends with the guy I was talking to) was talking bad about me cause I wouldn't send him something and then tells the group message "whatever, she's just mad because her boyfriends cheating on her" I had no idea he was... later that day (after complaining to some girl friends) I ended things with the guy (ugh I feel so bad) and later when we texted more about it I told him because we never talk/see each other, and then asked if he'd ever consider cheating on me. He never responded. The next day, I asked my old friend about it and said he was joking when he said that and there's no way (the guy I liked) would cheat. My other friend who was with me when I confronted my friend said that it was so obvious he was lying, and was just trying to cover up for my ex. My ex never responded to me and I'm scared to confront him cause I do t know if he'll tell the truth and if he didn't cheat I just ended things with him and I've been crying cause I'm so confused.


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  • Even if he didn't cheat on you , he cheated on his ex to get with you, what makes you think he won't do the same thing? He sounds like a pig , Get him out of your life

  • If he avoided it, maybe it's not a favourable answer.


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